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Report urgent repair requests at MVGM Netherlands

For urgent questions, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Urgent questions or notifications are repairs that cannot wait until the next day or after the weekend. Think of a seriously leaking water pipe, a gas leak or a blocked main sewerage in an apartment complex or flat, a serious roof leak or an elevator failure.

Is it less urgent? Fill in the contact form

Your question may be listed in the frequently asked questions. Check here if there is an (Dutch) answer to your question.

For reports, faults, repair or maintenance requests that are less urgent, please contact us via the contact form below. Or send a request via your portal where we will keep you informed of the status, progress and completion of assignments.

Is it urgent? Call us quickly

  • For your rental home: the Customer Contact Center via 088 432 41 00
  • For a home that is part of a Home Owners Association: the HOA Servicedesk via 088 432 45 25
  • For a (care) home that is part of a care institution: the care Servicedesk via 088 432 47 80
  • For your shop or shopping area: the retail Servicedesk via 088 432 49 45
  • For your Commercial Real Estate that is part of the HOA via  088 432 43 01
  • For your office or business space: the Offices Servicedesk via 088 432 41 30

General questions?

MVGM is a national organization with 20 offices spread throughout the Netherlands. Do you have general questions or would you like more information about our services?