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Research & Consultancy

The right information, the right decision

It is not easy to make property portfolio decisions. It involves many different interests and large amounts of money. You want to be sure your investment is well-substantiated. You want to base your decision on current and relevant data including:

  • the property in question;
  • its users;
  • the surroundings;
  • present and future developments.

Extensive databases available

We have the knowledge you are looking for. Whether you are looking for local, regional, national or international information, our Research & Consultancy departments has all expertise to answer the most complicated questions.

We have very extensive (GIS) databases to our disposal, so that we can avail ourselves of all relevant property and socio-economic data. Our specialists will assist you to interpret these data and to gain insight in the future performance of the market.

Relevant data for your specific situation

We closely follow developments in consumer behaviour, new concepts, planning and policy. For this purpose, we use a set of unique online data and information systems developed in-house.

They enable us to translate the data to your specific situation, for example, think of:

  • market rent advice
  • trend and data analyses
  • rent perception research
  • consumer survey
  • property vision

Housing strategies and market analyses

In addition to our supporting role, we are also responsible for the publication of regular market reports and the conducting of investigations into housing strategies and market analyses, both for public and private customers.

These are to serve the following markets:

  • office market
  • business premises market
  • retail market
  • healthcare market
  • hotels, restaurants and cafés market
  • housing market

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