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Housing corporation valuations

How do you properly deal with the changing regulations?

With the rise of benchmarking and the continually changing regulations a lot of things are happening at once. How do you keep up to date and how do you successfully implement the necessary changes?

Understanding of and grip on your portfolio

Whether your financial statements must be valued according to RJ 645, or you want information on your performance with the aid of AEDEX/IPD Corporation Index or complex-wise sales, MVGM Property Valuations will help you:

  • to gain an understanding of the value of your property;
  • to keep a grip on your portfolio;
  • to make the right decisions.

Value the financial statements: RJ 645

Application of RJ 645 was first obligatory for the 2012 year under review. Your non-DAEB property is no longer valued at value in use, but at market value. If you still use the historical value or cost price as the standard, possibly a change in your processes is required.

Not only do we map out your valuation process and determine the market value, we also assist you in the process of change. In this way you will be able to conduct a transparent policy, which will lead to optimisation of your financial and social return.

AEDEX/IPD Corporation Property Index

Do you want more insight into the return on investment of your property portfolio and compare it to those of colleagues and competitors? You could participate in the IPD Corporation Property Index. This system compares businesses and provides you with information on your performance as an investor in and a manager of property. We have a lot of experience with such valuations.

Housing complex sales

The New Housing Act and the accompanying Public Housing (Approved Organisations) Decree (BITV) sets out the conditions for you to be allowed to sell houses. This act has become effective on 1 July 2015, at which time the Circular on the sales of housing corporation homes (MG 2013-02) ceased to be effective.

  • How are you dealing with these regulations at the moment?
  • How can you best give structure to your portfolio?
  • From the perspective of your strategy and the market developments, which part of your portfolio is eligible for disposition?

We can determine the market value of each housing complex for you, as well as the vacant possession value. We always do so in accordance with the New Housing Act and the international guidelines IFRS and IVS (which are also consistent with, or supplemented by, RICS).

Well-founded decisions, correct accounting

We support you with clear advice and sound valuations, so you can make well-founded decisions and your accounting will always comply with the current regulations in all respects.

  • For independent, realistic, consistent and up-to-date valuations we work in accordance with the internationally acknowledged RICS standards.
  • All valuations are carried out by a specialised team, with valuers from the concerned region.
  • We use validated calculation models and give a detailed substantiation of the values.
  • We apply the dual control principle and independent quality checks by a valuer from a different team, to safeguard the quality and reliability of our valuations.
  • Our work processes are ISAE3402 Type II certified.

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