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Healthcare-related property valuations

What is the return of your healthcare-related property?

Your sector is faced with radical changes in regulations, demographic developments and new needs in the market. Undoubtedly, all kinds of questions arise.

  • How can you know whether your current build will meet the future demand?
  • Is your property ‘futureproof’?
  • Should you hold on to your property, or sell it?
  • If your building no longer satisfies the needs, how can you make it profitable again?
  • What standards must valuations meet, if you want to sell?
  • What are the possible scenarios and what does it mean for the value of your property?

Grip on your portfolio

We have the proper knowledge and experience to provide you with a clear and sound answer to all your questions. Our customers include the Board for the Restructuring of Care Institutions and the housing corporations that are specialised in care, such as Woonzorg and Habion. Institutional investors such as Amvest, Bouwinvest and Syntrus Achmea also belong to our customers.

Make the right decisions

We help you to:

  • gain an understanding of the value of your property;
  • gain an understanding of your portfolio;
  • calculate the effects of future scenarios;
  • keep a grip on your portfolio;
  • map out and value alternative applications for making the right decisions.

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