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MVGM subsidiaries and allied companies

MVGM has a number of operating subsidiaries and allied companies that contribute to the successful exploitation of real estate. Through these companies, clients are offered an even broader, more complete and integrated pallet of services. The activities of each of these companies fits with the MVGM strategy to accelerate innovation and further optimisation through digitalisation.

We are proud of our Dutch niche experts

Watson + Holmes

MVGM was an early adapter of the vision for data collection and visualisation. It founded subsidiary Watson + Holmes. Watson + Holmes has evolved into a highly specialised team of business intelligence analysts, collecting and visualising big data and offering online dashboards with real-time insight in property management and optimisation opportunities for property owners. Watson + Holmes is active in the Netherlands and recently started in Germany.

Property data analytics

With a modern software application we offer extensive analysis tools and multiple display and presentation options. User are able to make their selections, for example on:

  • Social demography (age, family situation, family size and phase of life)
  • Social economy (income scales, education, work situation and purchasing power index)
  • Size and composition of the housing market
  • Functioning of the real estate market
  • Household construction
  • Transaction reference finder (by type of object, transaction date, year of construction and area)

Through interactive functionalities, local and regional data can be compared with national information and data from previous years. Dashboards can be made available per topic and easily downloaded in PDF, PNG or CSV.

Watson + Holmes visualizes the data you want

Are you interested in more information about Watson + Holmes? And are you curious whether we can also prepare analysis and reports for you? We are happy to tell you more about Watson +Holmes and the types of annual subscriptions and consultancy services that we offer.

Visit www.watsonholmes.nl

Or contact Leon of Watson + Holmes