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European player in property management

We are an authority in real estate management. We are the largest property manager in the Netherlands and a top tier player in Germany. With nearly 1.000 employees in the Netherlands and Germany, We coordinate property management activities from over 28 different locations. We have a 70-year history and combine an extensive knowledge of local dynamics with international experience. Clients are offered a broad, complete and integrated pallet of services with a specialization in property management.

Largest property management company in the Netherlands

As the largest property management company in the Netherlands, we manage:

  • 90.000 residential units/houses
  • 9.000 residential rental transactions
  • More than 1,5 millions square meters of office and commercial space
  • More than 1,5 millions square meters of retail space
  • 70.000 apartments of nearly 3.200 associations of owner-occupiers

In 2019 MVGM acquired PropertyFirst GmbH in Germany. PropertyFirst manages:

  • 3,4 million m² of commercial real estate
  • more than 15.000 parking spaces
  • 1.000 homes
  • and over 50 owners’ associations (with 1.500 homes)

Visit www.propertyfirst.de

International strategy

Our ambition is to become the leading European property management company. Our growth strategy is based on accelerating innovation as enabled by a greater scale, and further optimisation through digitalisation.

We have grown rapidly in recent years, carrying out a number of acquisitions in line with its strategy to become a leading European property management player. Our successful track record in bolt-on acquisitions includes Germany’s PropertyFirst in 2019, the merger with Verwey in 2018 and the Dutch acquisition of Actys in 2016.