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EMEA insight in the COVID-19 real estate impact by property manager MVGM

3 years ago

The outbreak of Covid-19 caused an unprecedented crisis and effects the main magnitudes of the European real estate market. Top tier European property manager MVGM, with presence in 10 countries, compiled a report with insight in regulations and measures to reflect on the European real estate sector.

Europe in state of alarm

Walter Sas, COO of MVGM: “It has become evident that this health crisis has put whole of Europe in a state of alarm, confined millions of people, paralyzed the economy, disrupted our lives in an unprecedented way, and temporarily but unequivocally broken plans for 2020.​”

How to drive economic recovery?

This is why commercial strategies are redefined to allow us to drive economic recovery, a stable occupation of the European leased spaces, and the flow of income from real estate investments. Maarten de Haas, CCO of MVGM: “We do everything we can to help our clients to minimize the impact that this global crisis could have on portfolios, whether this is technical, financial or commercial. And obviously our focus is on the health and safety of our clients, our tenants and our people.

First jointly created MVGM EMEA report

All the data in the report comes from the MVGM portfolio under management, and from the publications made in the media at all levels until the 31st of March 2020. The MVGM team in Spain, led by Managing Director Elisa Navarro, gathered information from all teams in the 10 countries where MVGM is represented. This is the first jointly created MVGM EMEA report analyzing the impact of Covid-19 on property management.

View the full report:

MVGM EMEA Covid-19 Property Management impact