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1. Introduction

MVGM has a complaints procedure and a complaints registration system.  

  • The complaints procedure supervises the handling of all types of complaints (both internal and external) that reach MVGM.  
  • The complaint registration system is a supportive tool for this procedure. 

The complaints are handled confidentially. Only those persons are informed of (the existence of) the complaint if required or necessary by virtue of their position within MVGM. 

The following subjects are further described in the complaints procedure: 

  • Objective 
  • Definition of complaint 
  • Duty to report 
  • Handling and settlement of external complaints 
  • Handling and settlement of internal complaints 
  • Emergency complaints 
  • Supervision and management 

1.1 Objective

Complaints procedure: the objective is to gain insight into the nature, scope and settlement of complaints about MVGM so that, if necessary, adequate measures can be taken to resolve the complaint and prevent it in the future. This is also referred to in the general code of conduct for employees of MVGM. 

1.2 Definition of complaint

A distinction is made between internal and external complaints.  

Internal complaints: an internal complaint is a non-person-oriented, written (including e-mail) expression of dissatisfaction on the part of a MVGM employee about a particular process or about a particular act or omission by MVGM.  

External complaints: external complaints concern any written expression (including e-mail) of dissatisfaction on the part of a customer or relation about the acts or omissions of MVGM, its employees or one of its contracted subcontractors.  


A telephone or verbal complaint is not considered a complaint. An employee to whom the complaint is made, will inform the complainant that if he or she wishes to submit a complaint, he / she can do this in writing. 

This complaints procedure is not intended for submitting repair requests.  

1.3 Duty to report

Every MVGM employee is obliged according to this complaints procedure to report external complaints to the direct supervisors. He / she will take care of this immediately after receiving the complaint. The registration and settlement are further described under point 2 below. 

2. Handling and settlement of an external complaint

Written complaints can be addressed to compliance@mvgm.nl or by post to: 

MVGM Holding, Compliance department
PO Box 1800
2280 DV Rijswijk

The process is as follows:

Step 1: The complaint is received by MVGM (Compliance) and will send this to the relevant business unit. 

Step 2: The complaint is confirmed within two days by the relevant business unit and it is specified who will deal with the complaint. 

Step 3: A copy of the complaint is sent to the practitioner who must answer the complaint in writing within three weeks. A copy of this response must be sent to the Compliance Department. 

Step 4: If no response is received from the complainant within 5 working days of sending the written answer, the complaint will be considered settled. 

Step 5: The complaint letter is filed by the complaints handler in the file of the relevant complainant. The Compliance Department will also archive a copy of the correspondence. 

3. Handling and settlement of an internal complaint

Step 1: The internal complaint must be submitted in writing by the employee to her / his immediate superior. If this is not possible for whatever reason, the complaint can be submitted to the general management. 

Step 2: The complaint is handled by the Compliance department, who will address the complaint to the person responsible within MVGM for resolving the complaint. 

4. Urgent complaints

If a complaint needs to be resolved urgently, the recipient of the complaint is responsible for the timely handling of the complaint. 

5. Monitoring and Compliance management

The complaints procedure is monitored by the Compliance department of MVGM. The data regarding the complaint will be kept by the practitioner for a period of at least one year after the complaint has been handled.